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You can download a step-by-step guide here which introduces you to some of the tools you'll find at your fingertips with Green Financial Advice. Click Here

Existing Wealth Platform users can access the site via this link:

finances at your fingertips

The Green Financial Advice Wealth Platform brings you a range of unique online tools that will enable you to access your financial information easily and securely. These tools give you the ability to view current valuations of your portfolio, review performance history, read important documents and communicate securely and confidentially with Green Financial.


Using the system is simplicity itself. Login and you'll automatically see a valuation of your assets. If you wish to change the date range of the report just click and the charts update. You can swap between performance, asset allocation and portfolio splits. Hover over data points to see a particular value or click a segment of a pie chart to see more detail.

For most clients a small project will ensure that all personal and policy data is sufficiently detailed, accurate, up to date and correctly synchronised with provider price feeds and valuations.

There may be a requirement to update the system with your personal views on financial objectives, timescales and other factors.

Depending on the level of interactivity and reporting you require, if you have old policies it may be worth reviewing them or modernising them to report in real time on the system.

However, it won't always be possible and some old policies may have penalties that mean they can't be modernised. I can advise on this when you wish to start using the system and your policies are loaded on and reporting accurately.

It may also require keying in of polices that I may not be aware of, so please be prepared for the possibility of a slight delay after first access whilst we attend to any additions or amends.

Go Green!

Tired of giant paper files? We can now save all your client portfolio and policy literature to your own secure document storage site. You can save and upload your own documents for safe storage and choose to share them with Green Financial or not. Organise by folders and view the pdfs at anytime.

Financial question?

Have you ever read an article or heard something and want to ask our advice. Just take a picture or capture information on the move with your smartphone, attach the document to the secure message and send in your question.

Received information from a provider. Scan in the document, upload to the site, share with Green Financial and ask away. We'll reply securely in kind.

Personal details

You can also update your personal details, contact us, complete the risk questionnaire and much more. If you make changes the system will record this and notify us.

Analyse your overall Wealth Platform Account

  • Initial Investment - How much you first invested
  • Total Investment - How much to date, including regular contributions, top ups or dividends
  • Current Value - from the latest close of business prices
  • Change - The difference between initial investment and now
  • Recent Change - the difference between the value today and a date of your choosing

Investment Objectives

  • Term - How long do you anticipate holding the investment for
  • Objective - The growth rate you are aiming for/p>
  • Attitude - the level of risk and volatility you recorded with Green Financial (which you can update anytime)


  • Name - see the names of your funds and click to open up individual factsheets
  • Units - the volume you hold
  • Price - the value of each unit
  • Current value - what is your investment worth


Is my site secure?

Yes, as soon as you log in you are protected with an 128 bit secure socket layer. This is the same encryption that protects your online banking. Always remember to click 'logout' when you finish and close your browser.

My mobile device isn't listed. Can I still view my portfolio?

Yes, we have also developed a mobile HTML version of the site. Use the link at the top of this page

One of my policies isn't listed. How can I get this on my site?

It is likely that we do not hold the agency rights for this policy or plan.

Please contact us and we will arrange to add this.

How often is my portfolio updated?

Every time you log in to your website a new real time valuation is requested. This shows your details at close of business the previous working day.

What does 'Powered by True Potential' mean?

True Potential is the market leader in financial services technology and platforms. By partnering with them we are able to give our private clients exclusive access to the best tools in the industry.

What should you do now? If you do not already have them, please contact Green Financial for your login details.

What happens Next? At Green Financial Advice we can provide clients with login details for the Wealth Platform.

Please contact us if you need your login details.

We can then work together to ensure your portfolio is up to date and you can start using the system

Existing Wealth Platform users can access the site via this link:

finances at your fingertips

Potential users can also view a demo site using the above link.


IHT - RNRB Guide

Click here to download our guide to the Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB).


Financial Factsheets

Click here to access online factsheets covering a wide range of financial topics


Why use an IFA?

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benefits you

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