Ian Green:

my reasons for choosing his organisation

Following a period where I was asking Large Banks to consider handling my Investments, during which time I met an ever-changing series of polite, grey suited, but colourless "personal advisors", I decided to cast around for other sources. During the course of this period I met a couple of Directors of a small company. To a man they recommended Ian Green as the chap to talk to.

During the following year I had two separate interviews, spaced out by a few months with Ian and decided finally to go along with him. My reasons for adopting this policy were as follows:

Ian talks directly to you and does not equivocate. He explains matters in as simple or as technically fast moving manner as you require.

He is obviously and transparently honest. There are no "grey" areas with him as far as I am aware.

In the course of changing some of the smaller policies that have been transferred to my account with him, he has done all the spadework.

I have only been with him for a few months and am already totally satisfied with the end results.

I unhesitatingly recommend any reader to consider having Ian Green on their side.

R.W. Woolley (C.Eng. M.I. Mech. E.)

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of engaging with Ian on multiple occasions and was very impressed with his knowledge, clarity and above all his integrity. Ian placed my financial requirements and goals above any personal gain. This candid approach was incredibly refreshing and gave me the utmost confidence that Green Financial will always put the customer at the forefront of any advice or offering.

February 2023

I always feel better after speaking with you

client since 2003. Said September 2022
After reviewing financial plan due to changes in circumstance

Thanks to you and your staff for helping us to live a prosperous life and looking after our investments

Clients for over 20 years
sent February 2022

Thanks for the annual report. Very happy! We continue to be delighted with the way you manage our investments

Clients since 2000, sent [IG: over 2 decades on!]
February 2022

Thank you for looking after us and our finances so thoughtfully for another year. You've helped give us security and, as a by-product, enabled us to help other family members who've struggled during difficult times.

Clients since 2013
February 2022

Just to say thank you for [financially] looking after us. We are greatly appreciative of your service and professionalism.

C & K, Surrey
December 2021

Thank you very much for our chat [about my lifetime financial plan] - it was easy to follow and very helpful.

 G & K, London
Autumn/Winter 2021

Many thanks for your email. I have indeed been very impressed with the scale of capital growth - no complaints on that score. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks also for reassurance on inflation response...

N, SW London
November 2021

Although the whole [estate planning] project has taken considerably longer than we all anticipated having started in January 2020, but obviously the circumstances that intervened shortly thereafter [the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown] have been beyond the control of all of us, and we thank you for the highly professional service provided by you, Angela and the team. It has been a pleasure dealing with you all.

 G & M, London
Sent late summer, 2021

Dear Ian, Thank you very much for a prompt and clear reply [about retirement income and estate planning], even I can understand all the information.

I am pleased about this development, especially with the adjustment to the low-risk position. You have been part of our journey and we feel safe in your hands.

M & C , Dorset
Sent early 2021, as portfolio and financial plan was adjusted to suit semi-retirement

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Melissa and your team for taking care of business this year [2020] especially with the massive challenges that the pandemic has created for all our lives.

The online client portfolio reporting system is very comprehensive, Assets, types, values, returns and historical data is simple to retrieve at any time.

Your recent [video] monthly updates have been most appreciated and your appearance in front of the camera is very professional, you’re a complete natural!”

A & L, Oxfordshire

“In spite of the big drop in late March [2020], you still somehow managed to achieve around 6% annual growth. That's quite some feat and far better than other people I know, who handle their own portfolios and are still bemoaning their losses. I raise a glass of something white and chilled, to you.”

From C, London – during lockdown January 2021

“I’ve quit! It feels a little unreal, and no doubt I won’t be fully extricated for a few days yet, but I’ve pressed the button! Will let you know once I have £[x to invest], but for now the current account will take over. Thank you so much for helping make this happen. A big, big day in my life”

DT (client since 2017)
Message sent upon learning their financial plan showed they could leave a job they didn't like sooner than expected so they can do the things that matter most to them with the people they love. June 2020

"I don’t make a habit of checking the value of my portfolio too often -life is too important. But by a rough rule of thumb I reckon my portfolio is worth £[x] or so more than it was 10 weeks ago. So a rough 10% rise in 10 weeks. Thumbs up from me. Thank you for advising so wisely"

Mr D (client for almost two decades)
Above message sent during Corona Virus lockdown, June 2020

“Thank you Ian for the time and effort you put into your updates. As always, sound common sense, humour and clear reassuring focus during these unusual times. We very much appreciate you going well beyond your conventional role to give us witty, informative, sound and reassuring advice, not just on our finances but on our well-being as well. We can all feel a little alone in troubled times so thank you for connecting with us.”

N & M, SW London (clients since 2016)
Above message sent during Corona Virus lockdown, May 2020

“Thanks very much for your reassuring words. One of my friend's IFAs has remained completely silent during this disturbing period !”

Mr A, Oxfordshire (client since 2016)
Above message sent during Corona Virus lockdown, March 2020

“If only you had been my advisor in my youth!”

P S (age 64) , Cambridgeshire
(client since 2009, words above sent after over a decade of being their financial planner)

“So pleased I'm with you, Ian”

Mr P, SW London (client since 2013)
Above message sent during Corona Virus lockdown, March 2020

“Always appreciate the sound and reassuring thoughts and advice”

HW, Wiltshire (client since 2012)

“Thank you for the comforting and informative emails. It’s good to hear your message reiterated. I completely understand the logic of “time in the markets” and have always viewed issues/complications as normal rather than exceptions, but nonetheless, it’s still good to be reminded of this when unusual things occur”

Mr M, SW London (client since 2011)
Above message sent during Corona Virus lockdown, March 2020

“Thank you for your much appreciated help in resolving my concerns regarding an existing investment from over 20 years ago. As always, thanks to your reliable records, you have come up trumps and ensured that I sleep at night! I need to soon take advantage of your ‘Remove the hassle’ paper sifting service and pop over with my 'bag for life' assortment of old papers. My sincere thanks for all of your much valued help.”

BL, Essex
(client since 1997)

"I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done since you first started to help sort out my finances in 1996. At the time of John's death I gave you a wish list of being able to retire early and go on a world cruise. Both these ambitions were met and you have continued to enable me to live a lifestyle above what seemed possible 19 years ago."

Val, Essex

"I am grateful for all the work you continue to give to take care of my financial affairs. I feel I am in very good hands"

Mrs PS, Surrey

On receiving our first regular update:

"I am really impressed with this. It has exceeded my expectations and is by far the best service I have received from any financial adviser."

And 1 year later:

"I was prompted to send this after listening to a radio 4 debate on transparency in active management and charges. Thank you for being one of the good guys and consistently delivering what you said you would in the way you promised. (A bit like the Ronseal of IFAs!)"

And a further 2 years later:

“I would add two things:
1. Engaging Ian Green has been one of the best financial decisions I've ever made.
2. The small team provides a consistently high and personalised service.”

Mr N, Middlesex

"Thank you very much for my Quarterly Report. I was very pleased to see that the overall value of my portfolio has dropped by only 1.22%. This is much less than the 3-5% average for the higher risk portfolios and more in keeping with the 1-2% I might have expected from a medium risk portfolio - but mine is higher risk, so I feel it's done well - thank you!
Indeed, I see from the on-line Wrap Wealth Management Service that, since the end of the report period, the performance has picked up a little, so as of today my overall value is only 0.43% down from 1 April - pretty staggering in view of what the markets have been doing during that period.
I also note that my portfolio's overall value has increased by a whopping 20.83% since inception, which was in December 2012. I don't think I could have asked for more - thank you again, I'm very pleased with what you've done for me."

David Gaster, Surbiton

“…we are extremely grateful for everything you did for Mum. She’s lucky to have had you.”

S Family, London
(client from 2006 to 2019, comment received 2020)

"I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with you yesterday. You made everything wonderfully clear, and you inspired in us total confidence in your service. Great!"

Mr W, Kent

"For both of us, it was the greatest pleasure to have met you yesterday. Finally, somebody was able to explain complicated financial structures in understandable English and not in Financial gobbledygook. We are so happy."

Mr & Mrs W, London

"Ian has held my hand through good financial times and less good financial times. Even when I was pretty skint - and therefore not an ideal client for a financial advisor - he was always there for me (financially speaking). He reorganised my pension arrangements so that I can now look forward to a mis-spent old age gadding round the world instead of a miserable existence in front of a one bar fire which I cannot afford to turn on... He's also advised on good funds to put my ISA money in. He really knows his stuff and makes it really easy to invest once you've decided where to put your money. If anyone asks me for advice on where to find a good financial advisor, I always suggest Ian."

J.C. , London

"I would like to recommend Ian without reservation as the best "money man" I have dealt with. His clear and extensive understanding of financial planning is quite evident. His honest and concise approach is both reassuring and very clear. I have worked with Ian for over 10 years, during this time he has advised both my family and myself on financial planning. Ian has helped add value to my business by offering advice for my employees too. Over time our trust relationship has developed and Ian is the first person on my list when it comes to matters financial. If you haven't already taken the time to sit and discuss with Ian your plans, I strongly recommend you do so."

Mr I H , company director, SE England

"Ian has the ability to communicate the complex world of financial planning in easy to understand terms. This, together with his technical expertise leaves me safe in the knowledge that the 'financial stuff' is being looked after."

Rachel Bell, Managing Director
Shine Communications Limited, London

"We have had a good working relationship with Ian for a number of years and are happy to introduce our clients to him for their personal and corporate financial planning requirements."

Chris Sherliker / Nicholas Lakeland and Partners
Silverman Sherliker, London

"Just a quick feedback for you to say how much I enjoy using the new [Wrap Wealth Management Service] website. It has a lot of info and is great for anxious souls like myself keeping a track on finances."

Paul Sulman, Cambridgeshire

"Ian Green is one of the most remarkable people I have met; not only because he is trustworthy and has integrity, but because he strives to make the world a better place for those he encounters. That is most important to me."

Dr. Maxi Coburn, London E14

"Ian's approach is refreshingly different to anyone I have spoken to previously. Everything is explained in clear, simple terminology. His knowledge of companies and products in the marketplace is impressive and his integrity without doubt."

Susannah Clements, London

"At personal meetings explanations of products are clear and repeated as often as necessary, until the client has grasped it!"

Mrs P Perrott, Kent

"Appointments with Ian Green are never rushed. His use of metaphors ensures everything is explained clearly"

Lesley and David Newton, Essex

"Ian doesn't mind explaining things simply, time and time again!"

F Bandura, Twickenham

"Good, clear advice, without lots of jargon, accessible and above all, professional"

M Gould, Putney

"Thanks, as always, for your meticulous admin - I can't tell you how nice it is to know that you handle all the paperwork so efficiently"

J Shepheard-Walwyn, London

"Ian has always been very thorough and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him"

D Hale, Clapham

"I want to thank you for your kind and welcome [advice at our meeting]. Your clarity was much appreciated. You have looked after my money superbly, and I also congratulate you on all the well-deserved honours you seem to be notching up. Fantastic!"

Mrs B, Kent

Please note: originals of all testimonials are held on file and are available for inspection

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